Neurology Letters is born!



1 School of Medicine, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Neurology, Firoozgar hospital, School of medicine, Iran University of Medical Science

Main Subjects

On behalf of our editorial board, editorial team, authors, reviewers, and supporting institutions – we warmly welcome you to the first issue of the Neurology Letters. This is the official journal of the Neurology department of the Firoozgar hospital, supported by the Iran University of Medical Sciences.  Neurology Letters is a new Gold Open Access journal committed to publishing high-quality papers in the field of neurology.

The major theme of the journal is based on the rapid publication of peer-reviewed articles and providing up-to-date knowledge. The journal aims at covering different fields of neurology and neurosurgery, ranging from research in basic and clinical sciences to core topics such as patient care, education, procuring and correct utilization of resources, and bringing to the limelight the cherished goals of the institute into providing standard care for patients in accordance with the guidelines by the COPE and WAME. 

As Editors in chief, we seek high-quality articles which improved insight into the determinants, course, treatment, and outcome of neurological disorders. Neurology Letters aims to be competitive and it does not seek to compete with other high-quality journals in the field. Rapid publication of papers is a big concern for all scientists. We launched Neurology Letters as a journal to publish peer-reviewed articles in a short time.

Over the next few months, Neurology Letters will publish several studies by leading stakeholders. We are grateful to the all authors for choosing our journal to publish their high-quality articles. In the next issues, we are planning to only accept studies with an acceptable impact on current understanding regarding the diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, and molecular mechanisms of neurological disorders. We will publish two issues each year without any limitation on the number of studies and pages. Also, there will be special issues that are considered extra to the regular issues. We hope that you, our readers, and potential authors, will enjoy these and other articles in Neurology Letters!

Volume 1, Issue 2
December 2022
Pages 47-47
  • Receive Date: 31 December 2022
  • Accept Date: 31 December 2022