Horizons of MS therapy: during 30 years (ORP-06)

Document Type : Oral Presentation


Department of Regenerative Medicine, Royan Institute, Tehran, Iran


Before developing the first disease modifying therapy for MS, the therapeutic goals only had been  focused on treatment of some symptoms or maximum targeting the immune systems by old immunosuperssor drugs with unknown efficacy.30 years ago,in 1993 the first disease-modifying therapy for relapsing multiple sclerosis was approved for use in the United States and soon thereafter across the globe. Since then the field of MS therapeutics, and studies of immunopathogenesis and genetics, have advanced our understanding of the disease and raised the hope of better addressing the next challenges of, better relapse control, treating progressive disease, enhancing repair of the damaged nervous system and, hopefully, of a cure. Thirty years into the MS treatment era, the field continues to debate fundamental aspects of MS, and there exists a widening chasm between the triumphs in relapsing disease and the desolation of MS progression, which remains the principal unmet need. In the panel, "New therapeutics horizons of MS', we outline lessons learned from the first era of great therapeutic development, addressing new MS drug targets, The role of new DMDs, and the future of the treatment. We then  discuss  the situation of old and new therapeutics and also the role of MS specialists in the optimized treatment decision-making, as we look to the future of MS research


  • Receive Date: 29 November 2023
  • Accept Date: 29 November 2023