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Neurology Letters is an open-access peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality articles in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. The major theme of the journal is based on the rapid publication of peer-reviewed articles and providing up-to-date knowledge. The journal aims at covering different fields of neurology and neurosurgery, ranging from research in basic and clinical sciences to core topics such as patient care, education, procuring and correct utilization of resources, and bringing to the limelight the cherished goals of the institute in providing standard care for patients in accordance with the guidelines by the COPE and WAME. The following article will be considered for publication and can be submitted via Editorial Manager: Original Communication, Reviews, Short Commentary, and Case Reports

Neurology Letters is born!

Pages 47-47


Fardin Nabizadeh; Zahra Mirzaasgari

Antioxidant supplements and cognition in Multiple Sclerosis: a systematic review

Pages 48-60


Fardin Nabizadeh; Fatemeh Sodeifian; Ali Ghaderi; Amir Mohammad Sharafi; Mohammad Balabandian

Transient global amnesia associated with acute bacterial endocarditis; A case report

Pages 61-63


Marjan Zeinali; Sepideh Emami; Behrad Seyedesfahani; Mahsa Ziaee; Zahra Mirzaasgari

Role of Biomaterials in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: A literature review

Pages 64-68


Elham Ramezannezhad

Central nervous system autoimmune diseases associated with COVID-19: Comprehensive review

Pages 69-77


Fardin Nabizadeh; Kasra Pirahesh; Fatemeh Sodeifian; Seyedeh Melika Hashemi; Mohammad Balabandian; Nasim Rezaeimanesh; Abdorreza Naser Moghadasi


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