Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Supplementary 1 (20th Iranian Multiple Sclerosis Congress), December 2023 
Oral Presentations: Abstracts of the 20th Iranian Multiple Sclerosis Congress

Poster Presentations: Abstracts of the 20th Iranian Multiple Sclerosis Congress

Mind and Art (ORP-01)

Zahra Niknam

MS Prodrome; Is it a fact? (ORP-02)

Farhad Golipoor

A narrative review on the dietary interventions in multiple sclerosis (ORP-03)

Nasim Rezaeimanesh

The importance of vestibular evaluation and rehabilitation in improving the balance in MS patients (ORP-04)

Saeideh Mehrkian

Physical disability assessment: EDSS calculation (ORP-05)

Zahra Ebadi

Horizons of MS therapy: during 30 years (ORP-06)

Seyed Massood Nabavi

Women and Multiple Sclerosis (ORP-07)

Behnaz Sedighi

Clinical Outcome and Volumetric MRI Assessment of Brain and Cervical Spinal Cord Area in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patients Treated with Rituximab: one-year follow-up (ORP-08)

Yousef Mokary; Mohammad Yazdan Panah; Fereshteh Ashtari; Maryam Ahmadi

The role of Artificial Intelligence in cognitive impairment assessment by MRI in people with MS (Iranian Research) (ORP-09)

Vida Niakosari; Sana Hashemi; Ahmad Ali Abin; Maryam Poursadeghfard

Definition and treatment of the multiple sclerosis relapse (ORP-10)

Maryam Poursadeghfard

Patients Monitoring During Treatment With Injectable DMDs (INF and GA) (ORP-11)

Zahra Nikoo

Everything we need to know about vaccination in MS (ORP-12)

Hossein Mozhdehipanah

Typical MRI lesions of multiple sclerosis in the brain and spinal cord (ORP-13)

Zahra Hamed

Advanced imaging for multiple sclerosis (ORP-14)

Elnaz Asadollahzadeh

Diagnostic approach to autoimmune encephalitis (ORP-15)

Hoda Kamali

Femoral head AVN concept and treatments (ORP-16)

Seyyed Hossein Shafiei; Mohammad Soleimani; Alireza Nankali

Brain Stimulation for Cognitive impairment in Multiple Sclerosis (ORP-17)

Mehrdad Roozbeh

MS and cognition: review of clinical, neuro-radiological features, and treatment (ORP-18)

Mahnaz Talebi

Comorbidity in patients with MS (ORP-19)

Fereshteh Ashtari

Review of McDonald criteria (ORP-20)

Atefeh Eidi

Defining seizure type and frequency, and analyzing MRI and EEG findings in MS populations of Khorasan. A cross-sectional study (ORP-21)

Karim Nikkhah; Mahshid Mahyad; H. Abbasi

Diagnosis of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease: International MOGAD Panel proposed criteria (ORP-22)

Samaneh Hosseini

Patients monitoring during treatment with Dimethyl fumarate (ORP-23)

Ali Yousefi Pour

Patient monitoring during treatment with natalizumab (ORP-24)

Zohreh Abna

New Technological Approach to Physical Therapy in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (ORP-25)

Mohammad Hassan Azarsa

EEG Patterns in MS-related epilepsy A literature Review (ORP-26)

Mohammad Reza Najafi

Epidemiological view of national MS registry in Iran (NMSRI) (ORP-27)

Sharareh Eskandarieh

Autoimmune glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) astrocytopathy diagnosis and management: A case report study (ORP-28)

Maryam Payere; Mohammad-Ali Nahayati; Soheil Shokri Shakib

Gut-Brain axis and MS: Is this true? (ORP-29)

Morteza Saeidi

Multiple sclerosis and viral hepatitis (ORP-30)

Raika Jamali

Lower urinary tract dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis, Updates (ORP-31)

Shekoofeh Alaie

Sleep Disturbances and Disease Characteristics of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Iran: A Cross-sectional Study (ORP-32)

Mohammad Yazdan Panah; Yousef Mokary; Arshia Ghalamkari; Ahmad Pourmohammadi; Saba Naghavi; Iman Adibi; Fereshteh Ashtari

Effect of eight weeks of respiratory muscle training on respiratory capacity, functional capacity, and quality of life on subjects with mild to moderate relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (ORP-33)

Maryam Abolhasani; Shima Ghannadi

Multiple sclerosis and legal medicine (ORP-34)

Mohammadreza Motamed

Optic neuritis and autoimmune optic neuropathies (ORP-35)

Samira Navardi

Treatment approach in Autoimmune encephalitis (ORP-36)

Mohammadali Nahayati

Effect of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization on fatigue and spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial (ORP-37)

Laleh Abadi Marand

MS Variants (ORP-38)

Ebrahim Kouchaki

Multiple sclerosis, infectious and Gastrointestinal complications (ORP-39)

Hora Heidari

Multiple sclerosis, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding (ORP-40)

Hora Heidari

Patients monitoring during treatment with Teriflunomide (ORP-41)

Nahid Hoseini Nejad Mir

The Role of Advanced MRI Techniques and Artificial Intelligence-based Methods In Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (ORP-42)

Vahid Shahmaei

How to estimate the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite (MSFC) in patients with multiple sclerosis? (ORP-43)

Sepideh Paybast

Update on inflammation, neurodegeneration and immunoregulation in MS (ORP-44)

Mehran Ghaffari

Treatment escalation vs early high efficacy treatment in multiple sclerosis (cons and pros) (ORP-45)

Mohammad Baghbanian

Nutritional recommendations in multiple sclerosis patients: a narrative review (ORP-46)

Nasim Rezaeimanesh

Ophthalmology in multiple sclerosis (ORP-47)

Masoud Aghsaeifard

Paroxysmal Events in Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Pseudoathetosis as a Presenting Symptom of MS (ORP-48)

Ahmad Chitsaz

Patient Monitoring during Treatment with Ocrelizumab and Rituximab (ORP-49)

Nazanin Razazian

Current Updates on the Use of Probiotics as a New Treatment Option for Multiple Sclerosis (ORP-50)

Adrina Habibzadeh; Sara Dehghani; Samin Shiati

Management of seizure in patients with multiple sclerosis (ORP-51)

Ali Akbar Asadi-Pooya

The role of stereotactic biopsy in atypical brain lesions (ORP-52)

Sohrab Shahzadi

Relationship between severity of symptoms of sleep disorders and information processing speed in people with multiple sclerosis (ORP-53)

Saba Naghavi; Fereshteh Ashtari; Aryan Kavosh; Ahmad Pourmohammadi; Iman Adibi; Arshia Ghalamkari; Zahra Karimi

System biology review of multiple sclerosis and discovery of drug targets (ORP-54)

Ali Alizadeh Amiri

Spinal cord MRI in multiple sclerosis; diagnostic, prognostic, and clinical value (ORP-55)

Vahid Shaygannejad

Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders (NMOSD); Diagnostic criteria (ORP-56)

Maryam Poursadeghfard

Optic neuritis updates (ORP-57)

Nahid Beladi Moghadam

A middle-aged woman with history of Multiple sclerosis presented with sub-acute encephalopathy (ORP-58)

Sanaz Heydari

Reduction in Circulating Vitamin D Binding Protein in Patients with Multiple sclerosis (ORP-59)

Zhila Maghbooli

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Legal Medical Doctrines (ORP-60)

Reza Hajmanouchehri

MS and Environmental Factors (ORP-61)

Mehdi Moghadasi

Care ethics and empathic Practices in dealing with MS Patients (ORP-62)

Hanieh Zaer Rezaei

The effects of crocin on inflammatory biomarkers and mental health in patients with multiple sclerosis: a randomized, double-blinded clinical trial (ORP-63)

Ebrahim Kouchaki; Nasim Safa

A Mechanistic Insight into Sources of Error of Visual Working Memory in Multiple Sclerosis (PP-01)

Ali Motahharynia; Ahmad Pourmohammadi; Armin Adibi; Vahid Shaygannejad; Fereshteh Ashtari; Iman Adibi; Mehdi Sanayei

Acute Brainstem syndrome with NMOSD and related to systemic lupus erythematosus, A Rare Case Report (PP-02)

Mohammad Amin Najafi; Mohammad Amin Reza; Shirin Shams; Ali Rahmati

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), Report A Rare Case of Refractory form to treatment (PP-03)

Mohammad Amin Najafi

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following vaccination against SARS-cov-2: a case report (PP-04)

Ebrahim Pourakbar

Acute Relapses of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder After COVID-19 Vaccination Shot, Among Iranian Patients (PP-05)

Roshanak Mehdipour; Fereshteh Ashtari

Alopecia universalis in a patient under treatment of Ocrelizumab after switching from Rituximab (PP-06)

Mahshid Mahyad; Mohammad Ali Nahayati; Mahboubeh Ebrahimian

Artificial intelligence in multiple sclerosis imaging: advancements, benefits, and challenges (PP-07)

Kimia Kazemzadeh

A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis on Safety and Effectiveness of Extended-interval Dosing of Natalizumab in Patients with Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis: Is There Any Value in The Cost of Treatment? (PP-08)

Taraneh Mousavi; Behzad Fatemi; Shekoufeh Nikfar; Mohammad Ali Sahraian

Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo in Multiple Sclerosis (PP-09)

Fatemeh Jafarlou

Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction in MS (PP-10)

Ashraf Zarvani; Nasim Tabrizi

Case presentation, Atypical imaging of MS (PP-11)

Gholamali Yousefipour

Comparing the Impact of Bariatric Surgery and Diet Therapy on MS Disease-Related Symptoms: A Systematic Review Study (PP-12)

Neda Ramezani; Elahe Ahmadikhonsaraki; Atoosa Khosravi; Alireza Taghdisi Kashani; Azam Eshaghian-Dorcheh; Zahra Karimi; Saba Naghavi; Ghazal Zandieh; Ahmad Pourmohammadi; Amirhossein Davarpanah Jazi; Iman Adibi

Demyelinating Disease Following Anti-TNFa Treatment (Adalimumab) in Patients with psoriasis: A Case Report (PP-13)

Mohammadreza Malek Zadeh

Demyelinating etiology as a possible cause of Parry–Romberg Syndrome (PP-14)

K. Bahrami; Mohammad Ali Nahayati; Mohammad Shriati

Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and Fahr's Disease in a young woman: A case report (PP-15)

Mohammadreza Malek Zadeh; Pourandokht Mousavian; Mohammad Ali Nahayati

Early Clinical Response and Complications of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Central Nervous System Demyelinating Diseases (PP-16)

Mehran Rashidi Alavijeh; Saba Naghavi; Neda Ramazani; Sayed Mohsen Hosseini; Iman Adibi

The Effect of Multiple Sclerosis on Peripheral Audio-Vestibular System (PP-17)

Fatemeh Jafarlou

Long-term and Short-term Episodic Memory Dysfunction in Female MS Patients (PP-18)

Sara Yazdani; Mohsen Foroughipour

Headache first manifestation of Multiple Sclerosis (PP-19)

Fatemeh Abrishamchi

Investigating the relationship between stress, anxiety and depression with the quality (PP-20)

Majid Jafari; Masoud Lotfizadeh; Razieh Hashemi

Is There a Need to Differentiate Atypical Multiple Sclerosis from Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders (NMOSD)? The Pros and Cons: A Systematic Review (PP-21)

Sepideh Paybast; Fatemeh Baghalha; Ali Emami; Abdorreza Naser Moghadasi

Lingual dystonia as the first manifestation of multiple sclerosis (PP-22)

Farid Shamlou

MS and exercise (PP-23)

Maryam Abolhasani; Farzin Halabchi

Multidisciplinary rehabilitative management (PP-24)

Razieh Pirzad

Multiple sclerosis relapse after COVID-19 vaccination: A case report-based systematic review (PP-25)

Fardin Nabizadeh; Elham Ramezannezhad; Kimia Kazemzadeh; Elham Khalili; Elham Moases Ghaffary; Omid Mirmosayyeb

Neurosarcoidosis in an adult man with a family history of MS: A Case report (PP-26)

Elham Sadat Azimi

Patterns of Attention Deficit in Relapsing and Progressive Phenotypes of Multiple Sclerosis (PP-27)

Farinaz Tabibian; Kiarash Azimzadeh; Vahid Shaygannejad; Fereshteh Ashtari; Iman Adibi; Mehdi Sanayei

Personality traits of patients with multiple sclerosis and their correlation with anxiety and depression levels: A cross-sectional case-control study (PP-28)

Amir Ali Gharemani

Comparison of COVID-19 infection, Acute Relapse, and Adverse Effects Following COVID-19 Vaccination Between Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurological Disorders (PP-29)

Mohammad Yazdan Panah; Saeed Vaheb; Yousef Mokary; Elham Moases Ghaffary; Alireza Afshari-Safavi; Aysa Shaygannejad; Narges Ebrahimi; Vahid Shaygannejad; Omid Mirmosayyeb

Pharmacogenomics of Multiple Sclerosis: Sieving treatment biomarkers from blood gene-expression profiles (PP-30)

Maryam Mohaghegh; Mohammad Hossein Sanati; Mitra Ataei; Mehdi Sadeghi; Shokoufeh Alayi