Everything we need to know about vaccination in MS (ORP-12)

Document Type : Oral Presentation


Department of Neurology, Qazvin University of Medical Science, Qazvin, Iran


With the approval of novel disease -modifying therapies (DMTs) ,in last decades, new approaches have been developed for treatment of multiple sclerosis.
These newly approved drugs are either immunomodulatory or immunosuppresor , and concern about their side effects , especially infections ,increased.
Therefore, it is noteworthy to consider infection-related complications in MS patients before or during DMTs usage.
For this reason , proper evaluation of immunization status of patient regardless of initial therapeutic plans is  mandatory.
Vaccination should be performed in the early stages of the disease to prevent future delays in the
initiation of immunosuppressive drugs  ,because ,live vaccines are generally contraindicated during treatment with these drugs.
Another point that could be considered is the appropriate intervals between vaccination and DMT, which vary with different treatments and vaccines.
European consensus on vaccination in multiple sclerosis proposes the best vaccination strategy according to current evidence and expert knowledge
In this topic, we review the EAN guideline and some other points about vaccination in patients with multiple sclerosis.


  • Receive Date: 30 November 2023
  • Accept Date: 30 November 2023